Great Carlsbad Office Opportunities

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One of the great buildings available today

I just received a special promotion on four great office buildings here in Carlsbad. If you know someone  looking for office space in North County now is a terrific time to be negotiating. Take a look at these four wonderful opportunities by clicking on this link:  Great Office Locations

Then have them give me a call to discuss their specific needs. For 27 years I represented landlords and developers in the leasing and sale of commercial property as a real estate lawyer. Today i just represent tenants and never landlords in the leasing of space!

It’s Not Like Renting a Home

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There are some significant differences in the laws that apply to renting or leasing commercial space compared to the laws applicable to renting a home. As a Colorado real estate attorney (not licensed to practice law in California) I negotiated leases for commercial space and for residential space, and, sometimes, had to litigate evictions or other tenant-landlord issues. In each instance we had to make sure that we were applying the right standards to the issues.

Whenever a tenant is deliquent in paying the rent due, the landlord has to give a 3-day notice to pay or vacate. If the tenant of a home offers to pay a portion of the rent due, and the landlord accepts the partial payment, the right to evict for the noted non-payment will be terminated. In the commercial lease, the partial payment of the rent due, even if accepted by the landlord, may not terminate the landlord’s right to evict. Most commercial leases provide that the acceptance of partial performance does not negate the landlord’s right to terminate occupancy for default.  Landlords and tenants that we dealt with always made sure that there was an agreement about the effect of partial performance!

Because it’s not unusual for a commercial lease to be 30-50 pages in length, it’s a good idea to deal with a real estate agent who can advise you properly on negotiating the lease and can refer you to competent legal counsel. And, if you’re thinking about renting a home, the same advice applies. Leases, in either situation, are complex legal documents that require good counsel. If you have any questions of a general nature about lease law or real estate law you can write me at:  I can’t give specific legal advice, but I can address general questions that might be of interest to a number of people.