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Posted by Lee Sterling | Posted in Miscellaneous, Technology | Posted on 23-08-2010

World Clock Pix My friend, Hank Jordan, an author and writer of copy for businesses [ed. note: check out his website: JordanAssociates], sent me a link to an amazing world clock. It not only tells you the time in various cities and time zones, but it also has a running total of the national debt (currently $42,963 per person in the U.S., and $120,209 per taxpayer).

There are  8 main sections of the clock: World Time; Population; Death; Illness; Environment; US Crimes, Food; and a 9th called More.  Checking out the Population section makes one realize that of the 6.8 billion people in the world almost 36% live in China and India! You can discover that Cardiovascular diseases, so far in 2010, account for almost 11 Million deaths, approximately 29% of the total. A startling 34 million people are living with HIV. Take a look at the Environment section and see how much forest land were losing. It’s disheartening. According to the Energy section, we have 13,872 until our oil id depleted. I was startled to see that in 2010, so far, the identity of almost 61 million U.S. residents has been stolen.

Did you know that more ducks are slaughtered in the U.S. than beef? Can you guess what it the most slaughtered animal in the U.S. without checking the Food section?

Take a few moments and check out this interesting site, and pass this on to your friends: world clock.

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