What You Can Learn At Costco

Posted by Lee Sterling | Posted in Carlsbad, Economics, Technology | Posted on 05-07-2010

Costco's Polish Sausage

Costco's Polish Sausage

I sitting alone at a table at Costco in Carlsbad, eating my Polish Sausage lunch (with soft drink, $1.63) the other day, and a nicely dressed gentleman asked if he could join me. There was plenty of room,  so I said “of course.” He sat down, and his cell phone rang. Obviously, I couldn’t help but overhear his conversation, although I tried to avoid eavesdropping. He mentioned a fired employee, who had wiped out her hard drive, and they were now in process of having to retrieve and rebuild the hard drive information.

I mentioned to him that I had overheard his comment, and we discussed the need to do backups of computer hard drives every day. Not just because hard drives are going to crash (we’ve had it happen twice in the past 8 years), but because there might be that disgruntled employee who wants to disrupt your business. It can cost thousands of dollars to rebuild seemingly lost information. In our case, we not only physically lost a hard drive, but our in-house back-up system also crashed at the same time!

Now we use an in-house back-up system, and we use an off site backup system called Mozy.. Just go to Google and type in “back-up systems,” and you’ll be taken to lots of information. As a commercial tenant, you want to be sure not to lose your valuable computer data because of a hard drive crash OR because of a disgruntled employee!