Did You Know?

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I received this video from a long-time friend from high school days. It was so interesting that I wanted to pass it on to my friends here in Carlsbad and Encinitas:

Landlord Loans At Risk

Posted by Lee Sterling | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 16-03-2009

Thomas Bisacquino, the president of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties, was quoted in the www.washsingtonindependent.com warning that a commercial loan crises was possible, but not because of irresponsible lending as we face in the residential market, but because of the way commercial loans are structured. Most commercial loans run five to seven years at which time the borrower typically refinances. In today’s difficult financing arena it is going to be difficult to find funds for refinancing. Several major investors have already felt the sting of inability to refinance, including Donald Trump! In the event of a landlord bankruptcy tenants are sometimes at risk of losing their lease rights if they haven’t protected themselves in their lease negotiations. That will be the topic of another post.